Hello and Welcome to my website.

Even since I was young, I can’t be able to understand my male friends in my school. When I grow up and get into the relationship with my boyfriend, the problem came back again, and we break up. I kept on thinking what these men want in the relationship. We had a good relationship inside the bedroom as well but still the day I talk about marriage I didn’t hear back from him since then.

Like everyone else, I also turned on the internet to find the solution. During my research, I did come across some good books on relationship, love, and sex. They all had some great life changing ideas, but the book that opens up my mind and deliver me information that I was looking was ‘What Men Secretly Want’ by James Bauer.

I thought since this book helps me a lot and now I am happy in my relationship why not share my experience with other girls who are struggling in the relationship life. This is where I get the idea to create this site.

I have shared my experience and opinion about James Bauer program and in case if you have any question feel free to ask me.


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